This animation was the launch video for the special edition OnePlus Nord: Grey Ash.
A textural exploration designed to evoke the tactile sensation of a special edition laser etch finish on the back of the phone.

This project came to me via the good folks at at the request of Steve Marolho.
Huge thanks to Adrien Girault who's attention to detail as lead designer was only matched by his C4D skills creating the lion's share of what you see here.
The piece generated over 1.4m views on YouTube within 72 hours.
Director: Piotr Stopniak
Production / Post Production: Heckler
Producer: Amy Jarman
Lead Designer / Art Director: Adrien Girault
3D Artists: Adrien Girault, Tim Clapham, Allen Kelly
VFX: Mark Chataway, Jack Scrase
Colourist: Olivier Fontenay


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