Too hot for this time slot..!

Thinkerbell thought up the concept of K-Rated deals for Swedish Fin-Tech superstar Klarna.
The idea was that these deals were too hot to handle on daytime television so the products would be shown with some modesty censorship applied - the audience would have to scan the QR code to reveal the raunchy deals online.

They came to me to direct the spot and I turned to Heckler to make it all happen. In all there were four 15sec spots accompanied by 15 unique 6sec socials.

So many people came together for this one I had to put the credit roll at the end. All time dream team!
...and it truly was a fun project to work on.
So much fur...

ANZ Klarna Bank AB
Head of Marketing, Andrea Darling
Consumer Marketing Manager, Rebecca Selth
Content Coordinator, Emma Roffey
Senior CRM Marketing Manager, Nicole Minty

Thinker, Belle Thompson
Creative Tinker, Cale Berry
Tinker Producer, Maria Borowski
Lead Tinker, Sesh Moodley
Tinker, Shy Ganglani
Lead Thinker Media, Aden Eltchelebi
Thinker Media, Madeleine McConnachie
Executive Creative Tinker, Tom Wenborn
General Manager, Jaime Morgan
Chief Creative Tinker, Jim Ingram
CEO, Margie Reid
Chief Thinker, Adam Ferrier

Production: Heckler HQ
Director: Piotr Stopniak
1st AD: Johnny Greally
Executive Producer: Will Alexander
Producer: Georgia Noe O'Brien
DOP: Dan Freene ACS
Production Designer: Rebecca Riegger
VFX Supervisor: Jamie Watson
Head of 3D: Tom Corbett
3D Artists: Tim Jarick, Boris Fomin
Creative Technologist: Gina Wagstaffe
Senior Compositor: Bertrand Polivka
Editors: Maud Chapuis, Daniel Page
Colourist: Matt Fezz
Composer, Audio Engineer: Lord Fascinator


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