A Toby And Pete Project.
This has been a defining collaboration for the T&P Studio.
When Flume came to us he was on the verge of making it big but we had no idea that when it was all done and dusted Flume would have collected several ARIA Awards, a Grammy and many more accolades whilst the work we produced for him would tour around the world several times over, being seen by millions.
The Prism was the central element for the entire show. In fact initially that was our only commission but as work developed, Flume's popularity exploded and by the time the prism got underway Future Classic realised they will need an entire visual library including design and show visuals.

The prism was powered by custom software developed by Code On Canvas - allowing it to talk to Flume's Ableton session directly.

The 110Kg box was handled with care by ColourBlind productions who coordinated not only the logistics but the overall lighting design of the tour - their lighting console could also control the prism allowing it to integrate into the overall programming.
In the end we produced around two hours of original content for the screen visuals.
Often narrative based, these were more miniature music videos than simple looping visuals.
This required the collaboration of may talented friends - the studio was alive till the early hours on most days leading up to the shows.
This was not helped by the fact that Flume could produce a hit single within a few days, always expanding his show - we would respond with equal speed, sometimes uploading our content to be integrated just hours before the show.
The behind the scenes and tour photography was done by none other than Patrick Stephenson and additionally Jeremy Shaw and others. All around legends.


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