The Toby And Pete Archive
Between 2009 and 2017 I was 1/2 of the Toby And Pete studio.
Along with Toby Pike we created a design studio that first excelled in typography and CGI but soon extended to motion graphics and installation work. Back then, I was known as Pete.
So here is a collection of works that was more my side of the show - CGI. (but check out to see the other half)
The only piece that is in order is perhaps the Steve Back image - if not the first, definitely the first typography piece that helped get us some serious cred. The rest of the images below are typography focused but not only and represent maybe 10% of all the work we did over almost 8 years.
Some are perhaps a bit dated but at the time we felt there weren't many people doing this sort of stuff, we felt pretty good about them at the time... looking back now, there's definitely a lot of memories contained in this gallery :)
A big shout out to all the art directors, writers, producers and photographers who were instrumental to our journey!
Some clients include DDB NY, Saatchi And Saatchi Sydney, Levine Levitt Reps, Jacky Winter Reps, Washington Post, Huffington Post, JWT, DDB Sydney, Wired Magazine, Banjo Agency (AMP), Cadbury, Grace Woodroofe and many more...

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